This segment describes basic ways to integrate Alchemy Pay ramp service for your customers to buy and sell crypto straight into their account on your platform. Alchemy Pay on-ramp, aggregating various sources of liquidity and payment methods, enable your customers to buy crypto through credit card, local fiat wallets in a fast and simple way. Additionally, customers can sell their crypto assets through Alchemy Pay off-ramp service for fiat currencies.

Currently Alchemy Pay provides two methods to integrate:

  1. Page mode: the quickest method to add ramp service to your app. It is pretty straightforward — your customers are redirected to

  2. Initiate API mode: If you can provide end-users' information - such as email address, receiving address, etc, Alchemy Pay will respond a unique order ID and fiat checkout page - making the end-users' experience smoother with lesser input required compared to Page Mode.

Test credentials

Please either ask Alchemy Pay business development or send mail to [email protected] to request test appId and appSecret

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