This segment describes the process of integrating Alchemy Pay's ramp services, enabling your customers to buy and sell crypto straight into their account or wallet on your platform. Alchemy Pay on-ramp aggregates various sources of liquidity and payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, and local fiat wallets. Additionally, customers can sell their crypto assets to fiat currencies through Alchemy Pay off-ramp service.

Currently, Alchemy Pay provides two methods of integration:

  1. Page mode: This mode redirects customers to Alchemy Pay's ramp page. It is the quickest method to add the ramp services to your app.

  2. Initiate API mode: using the API, you can provide end-users information - such as email address, receiving address, etc., Alchemy Pay will respond with a unique order ID and fiat checkout page - making the end-users experience smoother with lesser input compared to Page Mode.

Test credentials

to request test appId and appSecret, please request from the Alchemy Pay business development personnel or send us an email to [email protected]

  1. If you want to add tokens in the test environment, you can contact Alchemy technicians
  2. All payments/coins in the test environment are official data; please be cautious.