Webhook for Risk Control


Risk control notification webhook configuration and usage:

  • Please contact the staff to configure your Webhook Endpoint Url in the backend, which must be HTTPS
  • When risk data appears, corresponding transaction messages will be pushed to your Webhook Endpoint Url
  • After receiving a Webhook message, if HTTP CODE 200 is returned, it indicates that you have successfully received the Webhook message. Otherwise, we will try again


eventTypestringWebhook Event Type
eventIdstringWebhook Event ID
webhookSubscribeIdstringWebhook subscription ID
└userIdstringUser ID
└cardIdsListCard IDs controlled by risk
└numbersListCard numbers controlled by risk
└riskControlReasonTypestringHIGH_REFUSE_RATE: High chargeback rate
ZERO_PENDING_MANY_TIMES: Multiple instances of zero pending
RISK_DECLINED: Risk declined
CARD_OVERDRAW: Card overdrawn
MONTHLY_FEE_PAID_FAIL: Monthly fee payment failure
DANGER_TRADE_SCENE: Dangerous trading scene
DANGER_ACH_USER: Dangerous user
└reasonstringRisk control reason
└gmtCreatetimestampRecord creation time

Response Example

          "userId": "u_123",
          "cardIds": [
          "numbers": [
          "type": "FREEZE_CARD",
          "riskControlReasonType": "HIGH_REFUSE_RATE",
          "reason": "xxxxxxx"