Registration Callback Notification [Webhook]

Brief Description

After registration is completed, the KYC results and user information will be sent to the merchant in JSON format. The merchant needs to receive and process these notifications and respond according to the document specifications. The same notification may be sent to the merchant multiple times, and the merchant must be able to handle duplicate notifications correctly. The frequency of notifications is as follows: for orders within 10 minutes, a request is made every 10 seconds; for orders within 1 hour, a request is made every 5 minutes; for orders within 48 hours, a request is made every hour.

Callback Parameters

Parameter NameSignature VerificationRequiredTypeLengthDescription
userNoYesYesstring32User number
kycLevelYesYesint3KYC level
kycTypeYesYesstring32KYC type
kycStatusYesYesint3KYC status (1: Success, 2: Permanent rejection, 3: Temporary rejection)
firstNameYesYesstring16First name
lastNameYesYesstring32Last name
idDocTypeYesYesstring256ID document type
dobNoYesstring512Date of birth
validUntilYesYesString10Valid until
additionalNumberYesYesstring512Additional number
callbackUrlYesYesstring512Callback URL
redirectUrlYesYesstring512Notification URL
documentPhotoYesYesstring512Document front photo
documentBackPhotoYesYesstring512Document back photo
facePhotoYesYesstring512Face photo
kycFailJsonYesYesstring512Failed JSON
zipCodeYesYesstring512Zip code
userNumYesYesstring512User center user number
merchantNoYesYesstring512Merchant number
subMerchantNoYesYesstring512Sub-merchant number


    "email":"[email protected]",
    "lastName":"last name",

Merchant Response

After processing by the merchant, if the HTTP code is 200, no further callbacks are made. If the code is not 200, data will be periodically sent.