API Integration


In API mode, merchants receive and manage user recharges, need to top up at ACH and the deposit interface supports FIAT currency only.All users' deposit funds will be deducted from merchant's positions.

Quick Start

Before starting the integration, you need to obtain the access key and access key for technical integration. Please contact us to obtain the access key and access key.

Before obtaining your production environment account, you can integrate with our testing environment first.

Environmental Information

Test environment domain name: https://sbx-card-api.alchemypay.org
Formal environment domain name: https://card-api.alchemypay.org

Test account recharge

Merchants need to apply for an testing account. The tokens used in the test environment are real and require recharging. Please inform us one working day in advance for the recharge. After the recharge is completed, you can use the "Query available account funds" interface to check the balance.

Remittance address: Contact us
Remittance details: Hash and email

Please send us the email following the related method.

Email template:
Recipient: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Virtual card recharge request - [Your name or company name]
Dear finance team,
I would like to apply for a recharge of my virtual card account through this email. Here are the details of my recharge request:
Account holder name: [Your name or company name]
Virtual card account number: [Account number]
Recharge amount: [Recharge amount]
Remittance date: [Scheduled remittance date]
Remittance hash: [Hash number]
After processing, please provide confirmation of the recharge and transaction voucher. If you need any additional information from me during the remittance process or if there are any relevant forms to be completed, please notify me promptly.
Thank you for your cooperation and support.


  • Transaction is sandbox environment is real.
  • Stored value account requires 10U margin.
  • 10U would not allow for use. Every recharge limit 5U. We suggest at least recharge 25U for the testing process.
    Normally, 50-100U for the whole process would be fine and after testing process, merchant can delete card and the balance in testing account would come back.
  • Also, we can transfer testing account to production.Top-up balance could be use after testing.