Update Order Status


When you transferred cryptos to user, you need to use this API to notify AlchemyPay.

API Description

AlchemyPay Domain:  
https://openapi-test.alchemypay.org --test
https://openapi.alchemypay.org --production

Path: POST {{AlchemyPay Domain}}/webhooks/treasure

Head Parameters:

ElementMandatoryData TypeRemarks
appIdYstringPartner unique ID
timestampYstringUTC time with 13 digit to represent time in milliseconds, expiration period is 5 minutes.
signYstringSHA1(appId + appSecret + timestamp), perform SHA1 hash calculation on the concatenated string of the three parameters to generate hexadecimal characters,the sign method can refer here

Body Parameters:

ElementMandatoryData TypeRemarks
orderNoYstringAlchemy Pay order ID
cryptoYstringCrypto type
cryptoAmountYstringAmount of the transferred token
cryptoPriceYstringPrice of the token
txHashYstringCrypto hash
networkYstringCrypto network
networkFeeYstringCrypto network fee
addressYstringUser's crypto address

Response Parameters:

    "data": null,
    "success": true,
    "returnCode": "0000",
    "returnMsg": "eygyjppg",
    "traceId": "ypezrcpbszcigtinqnmmryxhpwmsmuryklusiofdleai"