Webhook for Orders

Brief Description

Order notification webhook configuration and usage

  • Please contact the staff to configure your Webhook Endpoint Url. The Url must be HTTPS.
  • When the order status changes, corresponding order messages will be pushed to your Webhook Endpoint Url.
  • Upon receiving the Webhook message, if you return HTTP CODE 200, it means you have successfully received it.

Explanation of Return Parameters

orderNostringOrder number
cardNumberstringCard number
cardIdstringCard ID
cryptoAddressstringCrypto wallet address
orderTypestring1: Create card 2: Recharge
cardTypestring1: Virtual card 2: Physical card
orderAmountstringToken order amount(count as USDT)
paymentAmountstringUser token payment(count as USDT)
cryptoCurrencystringDigital currency type e.g., USDT; BTC; ETH
applyFeestringTotal card application fee in USDT
rechargeFeestringCard recharge fee in USDT
voucherCodestringVoucher code (returns empty if not used)
rechargeMarkupstringMerchant recharge fee commission in USDT
deliveryFeestringDelivery fee in USDT
cardAmountstringCard amount, corresponding to card fiat currency
cardCurrencystringCard currency e.g., EUR;
currencyExchangeRatestringExchange rate for fiat currency
cryptoCurrencyExchangeRatestringExchange rate for digital currency
orderTimestringOrder time
failReasonstringFailure reason
statusstringSUCCESS: Success
FAIL: Fail (User paid and fail)
CANCEL: Cancel (User did not pay and overtime)

Return Example

  "email":"[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])",  
  "orderTime":"2023-08-24 21:01:54"  


For more error codes, please refer to the error code description on the homepage.