Things Need To Know

About Header

Request Header

ach-access-timestampYstringUTC millisecond timestamp

Reverse Validation Instructions

To ensure security, a reverse validation process is required for each transaction operation. The request-response should return "success" and the response header should include verification of the signature. Please refer to the specific guidelines on signature for details.

For merchant onboarding, it is necessary to provide a list of reverse transaction addresses, including:

  1. Recharge reverse validation address
  2. Refund reverse validation address
  3. Card creation reverse validation address
  4. Card cancellation reverse validation address

Reverse Verification Interface Interaction Process

Using the example of the virtual card creation interface, the interaction process is explained. The interaction processes for the other three interfaces are consistent.


Request URL: "///createCheck"

Request Method: GET

Request Parameter:

orderNostringorder number

IP Whitelist

To ensure security, IP identification is required for each operation.

The following data needs to be provided:

Accessing merchants need to provide a list of IP addresses:
These IP addresses represent the allowed sources from which the merchants can access and perform operations.