Create Cardholder

POST Create Cardholder

POST /api/mastercard/holderCreate.html

Create a cardholder. Status: 0 - Pending review, 1 - Under review, 2 - Approved, 3 - Rejected.

Request Body Example

  "address": "Laisvés pr. 60",
  "countryCode": "LT",
  "dateOfBirth": "1994-04-10",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "firstName": "JohnA",
  "idno": "ABC12345633",
  "idnoType": 2,
  "lastName": "DoeA",
  "mobile": "+8617601081839",
  "nationality": "US",
  "postCode": "05120",
  "randomStr": "abcdef12345678901",
  "sex": 1,
  "town": "Vilnius"

Request Parameters

NameTypeRequiredBase64 EncodedField NameDescription
mobilestringtruenoneMobile NumberCountry code + phone number (+861866666)
lastNamestringfalseYLast NameLast name
firstNamestringtrueYFirst NameFirst name
emailstring(email)truenoneEmailEmail address
dateOfBirthstringtruenoneDate of BirthDate of birth (yyyy-MM-dd)
nationalitystringtruenoneNationalityNationality (two-letter country code)
sexintegertruenoneGenderGender: 1 - Male, 2 - Female
countryCodestringtruenoneEuropean Country CodeCountry code (two-letter country code)
townstringtrueYEuropean RegionEuropean region or city name (in English)
addressstringtrueYEuropean AddressEuropean address details (in English)
postCodestringtruenonePostal CodePostal code
idnoTypeintegertruenoneID Document TypeID document type: 1 - European ID card (supported for European nationality only), 2 - Passport
idnostringtruenoneID Document NumberID document number
randomStrstringtruenoneRandom StringRandom string with a length of 32 characters

Response Example

200 Response

  "auditStatus": 0,
  "errMsg": "string",
  "firstName": "string",
  "holderId": "string",
  "idno": "string",
  "idnoType": 0,
  "lastName": "string",
  "mobile": "string"

Response Parameters

auditStatusintegertruenoneAudit status,0: Pending review, 1: Under review, 2: Approved, 3: Rejected, 4: Data to be completed
firstNamestringtruenoneFirst Name
holderIdstringtruenoneCardholder ID
idnostringtruenoneID Document Number
idnoTypeintegertruenoneID Document Type
lastNamestringtruenoneLast Name
mobilestringtruenoneMobile Number