Bank Card Authorized Transaction Details

POST Bank Card Authorized Transaction Details

POST /api/mastercard/masterCardAuthTradeList.html

Retrieve authorized transaction details for a bank card.

Request Body

  "beginDate": "2023-07-01",
  "cardId": "card123",
  "cardNo": "**** **** **** 1234",
  "currency": "EUR",
  "endDate": "2023-07-31",
  "maxSize": 10,
  "randomStr": "abcdef1234567890",
  "start": 0

Request Parameters

NameTypeRequiredBase64 EncodingField NameDescription
cardIdstringfalsenoneCard tokenAt least one of card token and card number is required.
cardNostringfalsenoneCard numberAt least one of card token and card number is required.
currencystringfalsenoneTransaction currencyTransaction currency EUR/USDT
beginDatestringtruenoneStart dateTransaction start date (yyyy-MM-dd) (maximum interval between start and end date is 30 days)
endDatestringtruenoneEnd dateTransaction end date (yyyy-MM-dd)
startintegertruenoneStart index for paginationStart index for pagination, starts from 0 by default.
maxSizeintegerfalsenoneMaximum number of records per pageMaximum number of records per page, default is 10, maximum is 30.
randomStrstringtruenoneRandom string32-character random string.

Example Response

200 Response

    "total": 0,
    "tradeList": [
        "cardNo": "string",
        "currency": "string",
        "amount": 0,
        "fee": 0,
        "currencyTxn": "string",
        "txnAmount": 0,
        "businessDate": "string",
        "tradeId": "string",
        "authCode": "string",
        "tradeType": 0,
        "tradeStatus": 0,
        "remark": "string"

Response Fields

NameTypeRequiredConstraintsField NameDescription
totalintegertruenoneTotal transactionsTotal number of transactions within the specified date range.
tradeListarraytruenoneTransaction list
cardNostringtruenoneCard numberAbbreviated card number (first 6 digits and last 4 digits).
amountnumbertruenoneTransaction amountnone
feenumbertruenoneTransaction feenone
currencyTxnstringtruenoneActual transaction currencynone
txnAmountnumbertruenoneActual transaction amountnone
businessDatestringtruenoneBusiness datenone
tradeIdstringtruenoneTransaction IDnone
authCodestringtruenoneAuthorization codenone
tradeTypeintegertruenoneTransaction type150: Authorization, 151: Payment, 100: Top-up, 110: Withdrawal, 120: Transfer In, 121: Transfer Out, 200: Settlement Adjustment, 300: Balance Inquiry, 500: Fee
tradeStatusintegertruenoneTransaction statusReturns only successful and refund transactions by default (1 and 10).

1: Success, 2: Reversal, 3: Reversed, 6: Voided, 7: Void, 10: Refund
remarkstringtruenoneTransaction merchant descriptionnone