Batch Query History Order of Merchant



Support API mode Merchant

Merchant can query all orders of a particular user for all orders.
Provide the user's email address to query all the ramp orders of this user.

Interface Description

Path: POST /open/api/v3/merchant/query/UserHistory


appIdYstringApp unique identifier
timestampYstringCurrent UTC 13-digit timestamp, valid within 5 minutes
signYstringSign the appId, timeStamp, and requested parameters


typeYstringSELL or BUY
emailNstringEmail; if not provided, it represents all orders of the merchant
beginTimestampNlongTimestamp of the starting time for order creation, in UTC+0
endTimestampNlongTimestamp of the ending time for order creation, in UTC+0
pageNintPage number; default is 1
rowsNintDefault is 100, maximum is 500
  • "beginTime" and "endTime" are empty, return the last 30 days of data.
  • "beginTime" has a value, "endTime" is null, endTime defaults to the current time.
  • "beginTime" is null, "endTime" has a value, beginTime defaults to 30 days before endTime.

Buy coins response: list format, chronological sorting

  "success": true,
  "returnCode": "0000",
  "returnMsg": "SUCCESS",
  "extend": "",
  "data": {
    "total": 39,
    "pageIndex": 1,
    "pageSize": 39,
    "result": [
        "orderNo": "1164814618820165632",
        "fiat": "USD",
        "fiatAmount": "150.00",// number of fiat currency trades ,
        "cryptoQuantity": "11194.15000000", // Number of digital currency transactions ,
        "crypto": "ACH", 
        "network": "ETH",
        "rampFee": "6.3850",// in fiat of the order,
        "networkFee": "",// in units of the order's token
        "cryptoPrice": "0.00",
        "status": "",// The status or status code of the order ,
        "payWayCode": "701",
        "rebateFiatAmount": "0.00",// commission quantity, no rebate then return 0, need to be based on the account management - On Ramp - Off Ramp rebate rebate amount show, regardless of the order status, all return rebate quantity
        "rebateUsdAmount": "0.00"

Seller response: list format, reverse chronological ordering

                "total": 166,
                "pageIndex": 1,
                "pageSize": 100,
                "result": [{
                        "orderNo": "1215258435406155776",
                        "fiat": "EUR",
                        "fiatAmount": "0.0000000000",
                        "cryptoQuantity": "50.0000000000",
                        "crypto": "USDT",
                        "cryptoPrice": "1.0000000000",    USDT/U价格
                        "status": "ORDER_TIMEOUT",
                        "hash": "",
                        "network": "TRX",
                        "rampFee": "0.0000000000",
                        "payWayCode": "19000",
                        "createTime": 1709781789000,
                        "updateTime": 1709954593000