You may receive all transaction-related updates on your server without constantly triggering query order in NFT checkout API mode.
When merchants get the callback ,they need to give a success response, otherwise we will call them twice per 5 minutes, 3 times in total.

Notify type

  • New order
  • Fiat payment succeed
  • Fiat payment failed
  • timeout

Http method

  • POST
  • Content-Type: application/json

PATH: POST merchant defined API

Notify sample

    "amount": "888",
    "fiat": "USD",
    "orderNo": "994864610797428736",
    "payTime": "2022-07-08 15:18:43",
    "payType": "CREDIT_CARD",
    "type": "MARKET/MINT",
    "name":"NFT name",
    "quantity": "1", //NFT quantity
    "uniqueId":"#10001", // NFT Unique Identity ,MARKET
    "appId": "3sst5rng5cf1n1ei",
    "message": "",
    "status": "PAY_SUCCESS" //PAY_FAIL/pay fail,NEW/waiting for payment,PAY_SUCCESS/payment success,TIMEOUT/order timeout
    "signature":"4f26f5b74f787b37e4957cd4d7cb5d49bec3be0e"//sign for the verification refer Sign demo for Page integration

About the signature:

Construct the sign string by adding the parameters of webhook(except "signature") together and sign in HmacSHA1 with appSecret, for the details can refer Authentication page.