API For Notification Of Token Transfer


After the payment, AlchemyPay will push the user's payment information to you through webhook.
After receiving the notification, you need to transfer cryptos to user according to the crypto, address, and cryptoAmount.

API Definition

Path: POST API defined by merchant

Head Parameters:

ElementMandatoryData TypeRemarks
appIdYstringPartner unique ID
timestampYstringUTC time with 13 digit to represent time in milliseconds, expiration period is 5 minutes
signYstringSHA1(appId + appSecret + timestamp), perform SHA1 hash calculation on the concatenated string of the three parameters to generate hexadecimal characters

Body Parameters:

ElementMandatoryData TypeRemarks
orderNoYstringAlchemyPay's order no
cryptoYstringName of the crypto
networkYstringName of the network
addressYstringAddress for transfer
cryptoAmountYstringAmount of the token
cryptoPriceYstringPrice of the token / USDT
usdtAmountYstringThe amount of USDT for this order

Format of the response:



    "data": null,//you can add your own data
    "success": true,
    "returnCode": "0000",
    "returnMsg": "in amet"


    "data": null,//you can add your own data
    "success": false,
    "returnCode": "9999",
    "returnMsg": "kjhebt"