Page Customization

Logo and Card Design Customization

If you require customization of the logo and card design, please provide the following:

Brand Logo: N (80~300) x 80, within 100k size limit.
Card Design (default design will be used if not specified): 686x386, within 300k size limit.
Different card designs can be configured for the lite and normal versions, but only one logo can be configured.
Card design reference can be found in the image below

Please refer to the two images below for more details:

Other Page Customization Option

1.Regular Theme & Dark Theme

you can choose between a regular theme and a dark theme.

2.Button Colour

You can provide the Button Colour for configuration.

3.Card Text Colour

You can choose the text colour on card: BLACK, WHITE, GOLD.

4.Front page

You can redesign the front page and provide us for configuration.

Please follow the normative diagram below.

5.Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

You can provide two link of Terms of Service and Privacy Policy from your website for configuration.