Google Pay Android Adaptation Solution


There may be compatibility issues with Google Pay in Android APPs. The following solution can be implemented.

Using Chrome Custom Tabs:

Chrome Custom Tabs is a lightweight solution that uses the Chrome browser within the APP which providing a better user experience. It can open the payment page and trigger payment operations through JavaScript interaction. This resolves compatibility problems encountered by all shell applications. The Androidx.browser:browser dependency includes the CustomTabsIntent and CustomTabsIntent.Builder classes. By creating a CustomTabsIntent object, you can define the display behavior of Chrome Custom Tabs, such as colors and animations. Finally, use customTabsIntent.launchUrl to open the specified link.

Code example:

  // Create a Chrome Custom Tabs builder
   val builder = CustomTabsIntent.Builder()
   // Define the display behavior of Chrome Custom Tabs
   val customTabsIntent =
   // Open the link
   customTabsIntent.launchUrl(this, Uri.parse(url))