Page Integration


Web integration is the most and simplest way to add AlchemyPay Ramp into your application, you only need to do is redirecting the user to our website:

Add Your Parameter

If you want to add some custom parameters when user redirect, such as user's address for purchasing crypto, amount of the crypto, you can add some parameters with values into the redirection URL. But you need to take appId and sign at least. Appid is your identity mark, and the sign is your signature, which are used for us to verify your parameters. You can view the available account information for the test environment here.


If the appid and sign you pass in can not match, the parameters you pass in will not be brought into the redirection.

Here is an example for using USD to buy USDT:

Test environment

https://[email protected]

Prod environment

https://[email protected]


ElementMandatorySignatureRemarksData Type
appIdYYPartner unique ID, once a merchant has been on-boarded with Alchemy Pay, the merchant will be provided with the credentials with appId and appSecretstring
tokenNNFetch from token API. With accessToken, email’s OTP authentication will skip. Processed by URLencode.string
emailNNEnd user's mail, get from Fetch Token API with token if user want to skip the authentication. Processed by URLencode. Otherwise, just pass the email in plaintext.string
idNNSession ID from fetch token API, pass with email and token. Processed by URLencode.string
cryptoNNCrypto type, used to define a particular crypto to buy.string
cryptoAmountNCCrypto currency quantity for selling. Required for off-rampstring
networkNNCrypto networkstring
addressNCEnd user's crypto wallet address. it does function only when both crypto and network are defined, besides, it must be compatible with network.string
languageNN zh-HK: Traditional Chinese
en-US: English
* es: Spanish
showTableNN buy: Display on ramp only
sell: Display off ramp only
redirectUrlNNRedirect URL after buying crypto succeedstring
callbackUrlNCWebhook URL to get the notify message from Alchemy Paystring
merchantOrderNoNNMerchant defined order IDstring
merchantNameNNMerchant defined namestring
countryNNCountry code with two letters defined in ISO 3166-1string
fiatAmountNCFiat amount, unit in Dollar, Won, Yen, etc (VND and IDR must be integer)string
fiatNCFiat type, char code with ISO4217 encoding(currently there are four currency USD, EUR, JPY, GBP)string
memoNCFor XRP and RNB(BEP2 network) , this is a necessary parameterstring
urlTypeNCTypes of redirection to merchant page app/webstring
withdrawUrlNCurl to redirect merchant payment pagestring
typeCN🔥Only for sale crypto, value = sellstring


  • The test env does not support the whole process of off-ramp, you can test off-ramp in the prod env!
  • address/callbackUrl with data set must have signature
  • appSecret is used to sign
  • You need to sort all parameters in ascending order according to parameter names to generate a signature string