Bank Card Transaction Details Query

POST Bank Card Transaction Details Query

POST /api/mastercard/masterCardTradeList.html

Bank card transaction details query: Maximum 30 records, default 10. Start is the starting line number, starting from 0 by default.

Request Body

  "beginDate": "2023-07-01",
  "cardId": "card123456",
  "cardNo": "1234567890",
  "currency": "EUR",
  "endDate": "2023-07-31",
  "maxSize": 10,
  "randomStr": "abcdef1234567890",
  "start": 0,
  "tradeStatus": "ALL",
  "tradeType": 120

Request Parameters

NameTypeRequiredBase64 EncodedField NameDescription
cardIdstringfalsenonecard tokencardId or cardNo must be filled in at least
cardNostringfalsenonecard numbercardId or cardNo must be filled in at least
tradeStatusstringfalsenonetransaction statusQuery all successful transactions, fixed value: ALL (If not passed, it defaults to query the final successful transaction, including successful and returned transactions with tradeStatus = 1 or 10)
currencystringfalsenonetransaction currencyTransaction currency, EUR/USDT by default: EUR
beginDatestringtruenonebegin dateStart date of the transaction (yyyy-MM-dd) (The maximum interval between start and end dates is 30 days)
endDatestringtruenoneend dateEnd of transaction time (yyyy-MM-dd)
startintegerfalsenoneStartStarting line number for pagination, starting from 0, default is 0.
maxSizeintegerfaslenoneMaxsizeMaximum number of items per page, default is 10, maximum is 30.
randomStrstringtruenoneRandomstr32-character random string
tradeTypeintegerfalsenonetradeTypetradeType Dictionary Item Explanation

Example Response

200 Response

    "total": 0,
    "tradeList": [
        "cardNo": "string",
        "currency": "string",
        "amount": 0,
        "fee": 0,
        "currencyTxn": "string",
        "txnAmount": 0,
        "businessDate": "string",
        "tradeId": "string",
        "authCode": "string",
        "tradeType": 0,
        "tradeStatus": 0,
        "remark": "string"

Response Fields

NameTypeRequiredConstraintField NameDescription
totalintegertruenoneTotal TransactionsTotal Number of Transactions within Date Range
tradeListarraytruenoneTransaction ListTransaction Details List

The parameters contained in the tradeList are as follows:

cardNostringtruenoneCard number
amountnumbertruenoneTransaction amount
feenumbertruenoneTransaction fee
currencyTxnstringtruenoneActual transaction currency
txnAmountnumbertruenoneActual transaction amount
businessDatestringtruenoneBusiness date
tradeIdstringtruenoneTrade ID
authCodestringtruenoneAuthorization code
tradeTypeintegertruenoneTransaction typeDictionary Item Explanation
tradeStatusintegertruenoneTransaction statusDictionary Item Explanation
remarkstringtruenoneMerchant description of the transaction