Webhook for Physical Card Transactions

Brief Description
Configuration and Use of Physical Card Consumption Notification Webhook:

  • Contact us to configure your Webhook Endpoint URL in the backend. The URL must be HTTPS.
  • When the order status changes, push the corresponding order message to your Webhook Endpoint URL.
  • Upon receiving the Webhook message, if you return HTTP CODE 200, it indicates successful reception.

Return Parameter Description

nostringOrder number
cardIdstringCard ID
cardNumberstringCard number
cardTokenstringCard token
holderIdstringCardholder ID
amountstringAmount (EUR)
feestringTransaction fee
currencyTxnstringActual transaction currency
txnAmountstringActual transaction amount
businessDatestringBusiness date(Time zone UTC+2)
tradeIdstringTransaction id
tradeSrcstringTransaction type (A: Authorization, S: Settlement)
authCodestringAuthorization code
tradeTypeintActual transaction currency (150: Pre-authorization, 151: Payment, etc.)
tradeStatusintTransaction status (1: Success, 2: Correction, etc.)
remarkstringTransaction merchant description

Return Example

    "email": "[email protected]",
    "no": "1177095467041951744",
    "cardId": "1179043877278191616",
    "cardNumber": "5554748800472311",
    "cardToken": "384768",
    "holderId": "583822",
    "authCode": "855861",
    "businessDate": "2023-11-23 05:57:06",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "amount": "1.54",
    "currencyTxn": "USD",
    "fee": "0.60",
    "tradeId": "361958",
    "tradeSrc": "A",
    "tradeStatus": 1,
    "tradeType": 151,
    "txnAmount": "1"


For more error codes, please refer to the error code description on the homepage.