If the ”isBuyAllowed“ and ”isSellAllowed“ flag are set to false, it means that users in the country where the IP address is located are not allowed to use the service.

Test environment

Prod environment

❗️This API can only be invoked on the server side.

Http method

  • GET

Http Header

ElementMandatoryData TypeRemarks
appidYstringPartner unique ID, once a merchant has been on-boarded with Alchemy Pay, the merchant will be provided with the credentials with appId and appSecret
timestampYstringUTC time with 13 digit to represent time in milliseconds, expiration period is 5 minutes.
signYstringSign the appId, timeStamp, and requested parameters alphabetically , the sign method can refer here

Url Parameter

ElementMandatoryData TypeRemarks
ipAddressYstringThe IP address

Response sample