Error Code

CodeError Description
100000Card issuer error
200001Parameter verification: '% s' cannot be null
200002Parameter verification: '% s' parameter error% s
200003the content must be application/json,[%s]
200004Request parameter format error requires JSON:% s
200005Ach access timestamp is not within the validity period (1 minute)
200006signature error
200007IP illegal
200008Reverse verification failed
200009Counter verification signature error
300001Duplicate business order number
300002Merchant information does not exist
300003Single amount limit
300004Insufficient balance, minimum reserve 1$
400000Parameter abnormality
400004Open API status is abnormal
400005Illegal amount
400006Abnormal address length
404005Card does not exist
400007Currency error
403009User and card mismatch
403010Card status is abnormal
403101Insufficient account amount
500000System abnormality