API Integration

This scheme is only for the On-Ramp scene

If you want to skip our homepage and address confirmation page and go directly to the cash register payment page, you can try this interface. Through the interface of creating an order, we will generate a payment link, and you need to redirect your users to this link to complete the payment.

It should be noted that if you use the method of creating an order, you need to fully confirm the user's email address, fiat currency, purchased digital currency, purchase amount, and payment method, which will be used when creating an order.

All request and response bodies should be in JSON format with the appropriate application/JSON.

If an error is returned, the response body is also a JSON object with a code property describing the problem, and optional properties providing more details.

ℹ️ All requests are rate limited. The rate limit test environment from the same IP is 20 times per second, and the official environment rate limit is 15 times per second.

🟠 The returned payment link is valid for 24 hours. If the user does not complete the payment through this link within 24 hours, the link will become invalid.

IP White List

You need to configure your server IP in the backend of the merchant, and our program only accepts requests from IPs in the whitelist.

API Process

When you use the API, you need to generate an order payment URL in two steps.

Step 1: To get the token, you need to create a separate accessToken for each user

Step 2: Create an order, you need to create an order through accessToken, after creating an order, you will get a user's payment link.


Prod: https://openapi.alchemypay.org/

Test: https://openapi-test.alchemypay.org/