Modify Cardholder Information

POST Modify Cardholder Information

POST /api/mastercard/holderUpdate.html

Modify cardholder information with the following statuses: 0 Pending review, 1 Under review, 2 Approved, 3 Rejected

Example Request Body

  "address": "Laisvés pr. 60",
  "countryCode": "LT",
  "dateOfBirth": "1994-04-10",
  "holderId": "601081839",
  "nationality": "US",
  "postCode": "05120",
  "randomStr": "abcdef123456s78901",
  "sex": 1,
  "town": "Vilnius"

Request Parameters

NameTypeRequiredBase64 EncodingField NameDescription
holderIdstringtruenoneCardholder IDThe ID of the cardholder
dateOfBirthstringtruenoneDate of BirthDate of birth (yyyy-MM-dd)
nationalitystringtruenoneNationalityNationality (2-letter country code)
sexintegertruenoneGenderGender: 3 for male, 4 for female
countryCodestringtruenoneCountry CodeCountry code (2-letter country code)
townstringtrueYEuropean RegionEuropean region or city name (in English)
addressstringtrueYEuropean AddressDetailed address in Europe (in English)
postCodestringtruenonePostal CodePostal code
randomStrstringtruenoneRandomstrA random string of 32 characters

Example Response

200 Response

  "auditStatus": 0,
  "errMsg": "string",
  "firstName": "string",
  "holderId": "string",
  "idno": "string",
  "idnoType": 0,
  "lastName": "string",
  "mobile": "string"

Response Fields

auditStatusintegertruenoneAudit status: 0 - Pending review, 1 - Under review, 2 - Approved, 3 - Rejected, 4 - Data to be completed
firstNamestringtruenoneFirst name
holderIdstringtruenoneCardholder ID
idnostringtruenoneIdentification number
idnoTypeintegertruenoneIdentification type
lastNamestringtruenoneLast name
mobilestringtruenoneMobile phone number