Webhook For Delete Card


  • Deletion card successful callback
  • After receiving the Webhook message, if you receive HTTP CODE 200, it means you have successfully received the webhook message. Otherwise, it will be retried.


Parameter NameTypeDescription
eventTypestringWebhook event type
eventIdstringWebhook event ID
webhookSubscribeIdstringWebhook subscription ID
+dataobjectReturned event object data
  └userIdstringUser ID
  └cardIdstringCard ID
  └refundAmountstringIf the amount is positive, it means deleting the card and returning it to the main account. If the amount is negative, it means the card is overdrawn, and the amount will be automatically corrected from the main account.

Request Example

        "type": "USER_DELETE",
        "reason": "User Delete",
        "refundAmount": 1200