Error Code

Http response code

Every response has JSON objects which contains meta information with http request status and transaction status in data field in each API regarding pay in, refund, query etc.

      "message":"Request Success"

Response of data - Pay in

PENDINGwaiting for payment
SUCCESSpayment successful
FAILpayment failed
CANCELpayment has been cancelled
WAIT_3Dwaiting for 3D verification

Response of data - Refund

SUCCESSrefund successful
FAILrefund failed
PENDINGwaiting for refund
CANCELrefund has been cancelled

Response of meta

Error codeError remarks
9999system error
9031timestamp expired
9030timestamp invalid
9021token expired
9020token invalid
9010signature error
9000parameter invalid
8101duplicate request
8100request frequency limit
8001duplicate transaction ID
8000in processing
7002transaction ID expired
6001unavailable payment gateway
5100merchant is onboarding
5002merchant account is freezed
5001merchant account is inactive
5000merchant account abnormal
4002merchant account and currency unmatch
4001bank account is un
4000bank account doesn't exist
2001service is not available
2000service configuration error
1002illegal IP address
1001merchant configuration error
1000merchant doesn't exist