Card Deposit Interface

Brief description:Deposit (recharge)

Please note:

  1. The currency and network used for the transfer must match the order; otherwise, it may fail.
  2. If the order amount is less than the payment amount, the payment will be made according to the order amount, and the transaction fee will be calculated based on the order fee. If the order amount is greater than the payment amount, the recharge will be made according to the payment amount, and transaction fee still based on the order fee.
  3. Supported networks and currencies are TRX-USDT, BSC-USDT, ETH-USDT, SOL-USDT, TRX-USDC, BSC-USDC, ETH-USDC.

Environmental Information

Test environment domain name:

Production environment domain name:

Request URL:


Request Method:

  • post
  • Content-Type: application/json

Request Parameters:

appIdYesYesString32Merchant app ID
cardIdYesYesString32Card ID
orderNoYesYesString64Custom client transaction serial ID
amountYesYesLong32Crypto order amount (integer part)
cryptoCurrencyYesYesString12Crypto currency code

Request Example:

"appId": "qmamnbodyqzbdr0w",
"orderNo": "test00001",
"amount": "15",
"cardId": "c_48c7125626a84d3a82e1",
"cryptoCurrency": "USDT",
"network": "ETH",
"sign": ""

Response Parameters

successBooleanSuccess flag
errorBooleanError flag
msgStringProcessing message
codeIntegerReturn code
+modelObjectReturned data object data
└ tradeNoStringTransaction number
└ addressStringTransfer address
└ expiredTimeStringOrder timeout time (seconds)

Response Example:

"success": true,
"msg": "Success",
"code": 0,
"model": {
"tradeNo": "123133213131313131",
"traceId": 1646648711017


For more error codes, please refer to the error code description on the homepage.