Config Your Merchant



If you are an individual who wishes to purchase/sell cryptocurrency,please visithere

Log In To Your Merchant Backend

Once you have passed our KYB review and signed the contract, we will send your production account to your email. You can log in to the merchant backend through the following link.


The Role of Merchant Background

Through the merchant backend, you can obtain the user interface's appID and app secret, view your orders, configure your IP whitelist, and more.

Obtain API Key

  1. Log in to the merchant backend
  2. Click on Developers in the left panel
  3. You can view your appID and app secret in Developers
  4. Copy your API key and start integrating with us.


We strongly recommend that you use our testing environment to test your integration before going live. This will have a significant impact on how many users successfully join and purchase cryptocurrency.

We have a testing environment as a sandbox for testing your integration and custom settings. In the testing environment, you can complete user journeys and create orders.
The test environment URL is
The testing environment can be used for all integration types: redirection, SDK, and API.
To speed up development, we suggest that you first make custom settings by redirecting to the testing environment.


Before completing KYB, you can contact our technical support to obtain a testing environment account

Shift To Production

Once the KYB you submitted is reviewed and approved, you can allow your users to conduct real-time transactions through your application.

To go live, you only need to update your integration from the testing environment to the production environment. To do this, you need to:

Replace the test API key with the production API key.
Point your integration to the production environment and redirect the URL from Update to

Continuous support

If you have any questions or concerns about integration, we will provide continuous support. Feel free to contact partner support for assistance.