Testing Notes

Before Testing

  • Sandbox environment is real transaction, please use small amounts for testing(below 50 USD no KYC).
  • Start with crypto:USDT network:BSC, conduct small amount tests for full process. For testing various cryptos, use production environment.
  • Do NOT testing KYC in sandbox environment.


Please send us email including testing account(email) and testing card for whitelist. Avoid test payment failures due to risk control reasons.

1.1 Test email: Please provide a valid email address for receiving OTP login and system whitelisting .
1.2 Test card: If you prefer to use our provided test card, please let us know (suggest testing under 10 USD or the lowest amount limit). For higher transaction amounts, please inform our technical support in advance.
If you want to use your own card, please provide the complete card number.

*Note that Chinese card BINs are currently not supported; please ensure the test card account has sufficient funds.

After completing the information, please send this form to the email address [email protected].

Business Name
Merchant Name
Integrated productRamp, NFT or Virtual card?
Expected integration methodPage or API?
Testing environmentSandbox or Product environment? Or both?
Testing emailPlease fill in all the test email addresses
Payment methods and currencies for testing
Testing cryptocurrencies
Do you need our company to provide a test card?If not, please provide the complete test card number for us to add in our whitelist
Will multiple accounts use the same wallet address?If so, please provide the wallet address used by your company for testing purposes.

Testing Account

Test account:
appID: f83Is2y7L425rxl8
appSecret: 4Yn8RkxDXN71Q3p0

Testing Card

  1. Using your own card for ramp test, please send us for whitelist.
  2. Using the card provide by ACH. (Contact technical support team for details)

Wallet address:

BEP20: 0xba3a9e35163439e138848c7f3b768fd8aca0646d

ERC20: 0x4177779df7e5a8b684bd373e76bdc74ad1cd95c8


Using ACH testing card

Please use the coin transfer address provided in the test note. The test only requires passing the test process and does not require repeated testing.
Inform us of the test amount when testing, and you can obtain OTP from us. OTP is provided during working hours(UTC+8).
After the test is completed, provide us with the order number.

Interface Usage Recommendations

  • Use Crypto Query to retrieve information on supported cryptos, crypto limits, and more.
  • Use Payment Method Query to find out about the payment methods supported for fiat and crypto.
  • Use Price Query to estimate rampFee, networkFee, received crypto amount, rebate amount, and other related information.